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Chapter 1: Assessing Your Interest and Aptitude for a Cybersecurity Career

Chapter 2: Goal Setting, Reflection, and Empowerment

Chapter 3: Mapping Your Cybersecurity Career Path and Building Skills

Chapter 4: Networking, Community Building, and Personal Branding

Chapter 5: Job Search Strategies and Interview Preparation

Chapter 6: Overcoming Fears and Roadblocks for Workplace Success

Chapter 7: Engaging in Creative and Supportive Activities for Career Success

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What Our Students Have to Say

I have tried a few Security + courses like one from my local Community college, another one for Udemy, etc. When I enrolled to Ian’s Security + course that’s when I was finally able to understand the material better and retain it. The way Ian explains the material and the way he cares for you to understand it makes a big difference. I recommend Ian and his course to anyone.
Jose Marques
I am thrilled to provide an exceptional experience using Cyber Job Central’s product ARIA. ARIA takes an exciting step forward on how the interview process will be conducted. Not only does the product provide interview help for candidates, it streamlines HR’s work process to find ideal candidates for their business. I’m so happy that I was able to experience the product firsthand, and can’t wait to see where Cyber Job Central takes ARIA.
Zach Martakis
Cyber Job Central Candidate
I had a great time utilizing ARIA to help prepare myself for job interviews over the course of my job hunt. I was skeptical at first of using AI as a tool for interviewing/practice and not sure what to expect. However, after using ARIA I was able to get instant results back and use the feedback that it had identified to help strengthen my answers to those questions. I felt that it took away that added pressure of sitting in an in-person interview and allowed me to be less anxious/nervous. Each time I used it, I was able to identify sections of the interview that I needed to improve on or just fine tune. Shortly after using ARIA, I had an in-person interview and the questions that were being asked were essentially the same as the ones in ARIA. I would recommend this to a friend or colleague, especially if interviewing is not a strong skill that they have. The practice and feedback you get after using ARIA can really help you take the next step in better preparing for an interview.
Cal Vargas
Cyber Security Engineer
Sr. Ian Neil is an exceptional educator. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to attend one of his classes for three months earlier this year. His extensive background and passion for networking and cybersecurity are evident in his teaching style. He consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that his students are fully comprehending the course material and his book.

I have been following his online presence for a couple of years, and this year I had the privilege of learning from him firsthand. His expertise in the field speaks for itself, and his dedication to teaching is truly inspirational.

As a network engineer, I lacked knowledge in the security field, which drew me to his content. His expertise effectively filled the cybersecurity gap I had.

Cristiane Epifanio
Network Engineer