CompTIA SY0-701 Security+ Certification

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Learn IT security essentials and prepare for the Security+ exam with this CompTIA exam guide.

  • Instructed by Ian Neil, one of the world’s top CompTIA Security+ trainers.
  • Test your knowledge of cybersecurity jargon and acronyms with realistic exam questions.
  • Learn about cryptography, encryption, and security policies to deliver a robust infrastructure.

The CompTIA Security+ certification validates the fundamental knowledge required to perform core security functions and pursue a career in IT security. Instructed by, Ian Neil, a world-class CompTIA certification trainer, this course is a best-in-class study guide.

Complete with review questions, realistic mock exams, and worked solutions, this guide will help you master the core concepts to pass the exam the first time you take it. With the help of relevant examples, you’ll learn fundamental security concepts from certificates and encryption to identity and access management (IAM). As you progress, you’ll delve into the important domains of the exam, including cloud security, threats, attacks and vulnerabilities, technologies and tools, architecture and design, risk management, cryptography, and public key infrastructure (PKI).

By the end of this Security+ Course, you’ll have gained the knowledge and understanding to take the CompTIA exam with confidence.

  • Master cybersecurity fundamentals, from the CIA triad through to IAM.
  • Explore cloud security and techniques used in penetration testing.
  • Use different authentication methods and troubleshoot security issues.
  • Secure the devices and applications used by your company.
  • Identify and protect against various types of malwares and viruses.
  • Protect yourself against social engineering and advanced attacks.
  • Understand and implement PKI concepts.
  • Delve into secure application development, deployment, and automation

If you want to take and pass the CompTIA Security+ SY0-701 exam, even if you are not from an IT background, this course is for you. You’ll also find this course useful if you want to become a qualified security professional. This CompTIA course is also ideal for US Government and US Department of Defense personnel seeking cybersecurity certification.

Ian Neil is one of the world’s top trainers of Security+. He has the ability to break down the information into manageable chunks so that people with no background knowledge can gain the skills required to become certified. He has recently worked for the US Army in Europe and designed a Security+ course that catered for people from all backgrounds (not just the IT professional), with an extremely successful pass rate. He is an MCT, MCSE, A+, Network+, Security+, CASP, and RESILIA practitioner. Over the past 23 years Ian has worked with high-end training providers and was one of the first technical trainers to train Microsoft internal staff when they opened their Bucharest Office in 2006.

I am delighted to hear you’re going to be selling the 701 courses for Ian. I am very happy to recommend Ian Neil’s course to you and to the wider public. Ian gave up his time selflessly for over 3 months to provide free training to almost 200 military veterans to help us upskill. This training was concise and to the point and very much focused on not just passing the exam but meeting the learning outcomes of the course. Ian has a unique way of explaining topics which may often be difficult to grasp. He is a great tutor and person, and I wish him all the best with his ComptiaSec+ 701 endeavors.Paul Brady

I have tried a few Security + courses like one from my local Community college, another one for Udemy, etc. When I enrolled to Ian’s Security + course that’s when I was finally able to understand the material better and retain it. The way Ian explains the material and the way he cares for you to understand it makes a big difference. I recommend Ian and his course to anyone. You won’t be disappointed.”  Jose Marques

I had the privilege of delving into Ian Neil’s security+ materials during my certification preparation. As an individual deeply entrenched in the cybersecurity realm, I can confidently say that his materials are gems for both beginners and seasoned professionals.
Ian’s approach is both insightful and practical, seamlessly blending theory with real-world applications. The Security+ course, as presented in his materials, stands out for its clarity in elucidating complex concepts, making it accessible at all levels of expertise.
One of the notable strengths of his materials is the meticulous coverage of the Security+ syllabus, leaving no stone unturned and providing a holistic understanding of critical security domains. From cryptography to network security, each topic is dissected with precision, ensuring a robust grasp of the fundamentals.
Ian’s teaching style is engaging, making even the most intricate topics digestible. The shared insights are drawn from his extensive experience, adding a layer of real-world context that is invaluable for aspiring cybersecurity professionals. Additionally, the integration of case studies and practical scenarios elevates the educational journey, fostering a deeper understanding of the subject matter.
Whether you’re gearing up for the Security+ certification or seeking to fortify your existing knowledge, Ian Neil’s materials are a must-have. His expertise and the well-crafted Security+ course make it a beacon in the realm of cybersecurity literature.”
Highly recommended by Ssozi Malik!

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